Director of development

Andrey Starodubtsev

Penetrates the essence of things and processes, sees horizons, controls the field of perspectives

Public Relations Manager

Timofey Belov

He is the first to learn about the main ESG events and forms the fund's position in the media space

Head of Legislation division

Roman Denisov

A new step, a new law. We move boldly forward

Head of IT

Nikon Gorelov

Development of digital environmental platforms and GIS systems

Head of "Carbon regulation" direction

Nikolay Pyatnitsky

Information flow champion in the field of carbon tax

Criminal Practice Consultant

Artem Troshin

Complicated cases of damage are common practice. There is always a result in our case

Head of Regional Network Development Department

Vladimir Suvorov

Building of communications in the regions. United we stand!

Head of legal support practice

Taimuraz Dzheliyev

Nature welfare is our priority