Global climate change is the main challenge of our time. It’s multifaceted. Human understand about many problems, which are related with it and now care about the planet. However, permafrost has received little attention, although it is directly related to global warming, forest fires and epidemics.

It needs to be studied. The Fund's activities guarantee the priority permafrost legal protection

Preserving and protecting permafrost by enabling cross-border cooperation and expert collaboration.

"Every day each of us struggles to help nature and save our planet Earth. To date, many factors negatively affecting the atmosphere, water and soil have not yet been studied. Our job is to study them and prevent a global catastrophe."
Oleg Popov
Founder of the fund

"Climate change is real.  We cannot change the past. But we are the generation of political and business leaders, the generation of conscientious citizens that can make things right. If not us, who? If not now, when?"
Eli A. Levin
Co-founder of the fund
Climate Security Fund is a non-profit organization focused on environmental and social projects for the comprehensive protection of permafrost through carrying out and supporting research, grant making, educational projects and Green Diplomacy initiatives. The Fund exists through private donations, grants and corporate support.
Protecting permafrost
is a global priority that implements comprehensive international programs to research, introduce and develop technologies and improve legislation to protect permafrost and climate change.
All organizations, companies and other stakeholders whose activities are in some way or another related to this problem are responsible for their interaction with this ecosystem, which has a significant impact on global climate change. Communities, living in the permafrost area are consciously involved in preservation activities. New values and ecological approaches to life are being introduced globally.