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Our Mission

C2Si works with post-conflict, transitional, and developing countries to prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change, build capacity for conserving biodiversity and resolving environmental problems, and capitalize on natural resources and ecosystem services, to achieve environmental and economic security.

C2Si is made up of a strong team of dedicated scientists, conservation professionals, and international development experts. Learn more about the C2Si team.

C2Si aims to use modern science to help countries build the capacity to adapt to the impacts of environmental degradation and climate change. Learn more about the accomplishments of C2Si.

C2Si seeks solutions through science; by building capacity; through climate adaptation and carbon trading services; environmental risk assessment; international science diplomacy; and institutional development.

C2Si's activities allow countries to build the infrustructure and human capacity to respond to environmental challenges through:

C2Si focuses its work on the needs of developing countries, with a particular emphasis on the Islamic world.

For details on climate change and environmental degradation, C2Si has compiled many resources:

The principal partners of C2Si, in addition to guest bloggers, keep you abreast of the latest news in climate change.

Special focus is paid to issues of climate change and global securiy, the impacts of climate change on developing economies, and efforts of communities and governements to adapt to the worst of these impacts.

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